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2022 Sudbury Youth Cheerleading


Welcome to the 2022 season. We are so excited to get started! 


The Sudbury Youth Cheer program is designed to inspire youth. Teaching dedication, teamwork, friendship, leadership and good sportsmanship. We hope to develop in your child a feeling of accomplishment and success. Our cheer coaches strive to make cheerleading a FUN learning experience with lessons that follow them far beyond the spirit of cheering. 






Early Registration (Returning Cheerleaders Only) February 1 - February 14

Registration Open To All February 15 - March 1

*Squads have a max number of athletes allowed. We will waitlist children when squads are full and try to find a solution for all to cheer!*

$250/Competitive Athletes

(some additional costs - see below for camp & uniform requirements)

$200/Sideline Only Athletes

**If a cheerleader has other obligations and cannot make practice on a regular basis, they should choose the sideline-only cheer option.**

*$50.00 Late Fee will apply after March 1st**

*Registrations will not be accepted after March 15th*


*We accept all levels! If the numbers are high we reserve the right to split squads and place those with less experience on a squad better suited to their level. Athletes are not guaranteed to be  placed with friends. 

                                    **SEE BELOW FOR REQUIRED PAPERWORK GUIDELINES**

                                                                  AUGUST 1st ALL PAPERWORK DUE






Warrior Squad

LS Fields Sideline Prep Aug. 9 & 11 - 6:00-8:00

LS Fields Comp Prep Aug. 16 & 18 - 6:00-8:00

Camp @ Champion Aug. 22, 23, 24  & 25 - 9:00 - 12:00 (4 days) 


Jr. Warrior Squad

LS Fields Sideline Prep Aug. 9 & 11 - 6:00-7:30

LS Fields Comp Prep Aug. 16 & 18 - 6:00-7:30

Camp @ Champion Aug. 22, 23, 24  & 25 - 12:30 -3:30 (4 days) 


Mighty Warriors

Camp @ Champion August 16, 17 & 18  9:00-12:00 (3 Days)

LS Fields Sideline Prep Aug. 23, 24 & 25 6:00-7:30  


Tiny Warriors 

LS Fields Sideline Prep Aug. 23 & 25 6:00- 7:15 




Regular Season  - Begins the Week of Aug.29th.


Squads practice two times per week and cheer for games on Sunday. We will hold 3 Saturday practices for competing teams.




Attendance is crucial to the success of any team. Therefore, practices are mandatory throughout the season. Athletes will be granted no more than 2 UNEXCUSED absences throughout the season. We realize there may be extenuating circumstances, which will be handled on an as needed basis.


**If a cheerleader has other obligations and cannot make practice on a regular basis, they should choose the sideline-only cheer option.**


2022 Practice Times


Tiny Warriors (Grades K&1 ) 


Wednesdays  6:00- 7:15 (Outside or LS hallway/Adult Ed. Rm.)

Sundays 30 min. prior to (or post) game time (time will vary weekly) 


Mighty Warriors (Grades 2&3)

*Competitive - Non-Advancing - Local EMASS Competition -possible invite to States*

Tuesdays 5:30-7:00 (Outside or LS hallway)

Fridays 5:30-7:00 (LS Gym 3)


Junior Warriors (Grades 4&5)

*Competitive- National Track*

Mondays & Wednesdays 6:00-8:00 (LS Gym 3)


Warrior Squad (Grades 6-8)

*Competitive- National Track*

*This squad may be split due to large age gap*

Tuesdays & Thursdays  6:00-8:00 (LS Gym 3)



All squads will cheer for games on Sundays beginning on or after Labor Day weekend. Game times vary each week. We strive to mostly cheer at home, but there will be weeks that we travel with the football teams. Our goal is to provide game times and locations by Wednesday night each week. 


                                                  OTHER IMPORTANT DATES


EXTRA PRACTICES  (Competition Prep)



24th - Comp Practice for 3 competitive squads 



1st - Comp Practice for 3 competitive squads 

15th- Comp Practice for 3 competitive squads 


*Times for Sat. comp. practices*

Mighty Warriors - 12:00-2:00 

Warriors - 2:00-4:00 

Jr. Warriors - 4:00-6:00

*Location: Gym 3 @ LS*


23rd - Local Comp @ King Phillip High School - Times and OOA TBD



Nov. 5th States @ Lowell Auditorium 

Nov. 19th New England Regionals in RI

Nov. 21st End of Season Celebration @ Apex



10th & 11th NATIONALS, Orlando Florida




Practice outfit preferable; If unavailable, wear fitted navy/dark shorts and white fitted tank top. Squad's requirements vary. 

**Tiny Warriors are not required to purchase a practice uniform.**

Hair should be pulled back in a tight pony tail (PLEASE do their hair before practice!)

No jewelry. (This goes for tumblers, bases and flyers - EVERYONE)

For safety reasons, all girls are required to wear cheer sneakers.




Your child will be given pom-poms, a skirt, shell, bodysuit and 2 bows. Children may keep the pom-poms and bows, but the rest of the uniform is on loan from SYFC and should be treated as such.

Missing items are the responsibility of the parent/family to replace. 


Additional Required Items/Expenses

*This is an idea of what your child will need, specifics will be sent by email*


Strongly Encouraged (but not Mandatory)  Cheer Camp @ Champion Athletics, Hudson, MA  

Optional Tumbling Classes


Cheer Sneakers (Tiny Warriors may purchase any white sneakers, all other girls must purchase from Varsity)

Practice Tank & shorts

Red Bloomers (as needed)

Game Bow (If lost from previous year - first game bow included in registration) - $15

Pom Poms (If lost from previous year - first pair included in registration) - $30


*We will provide specific ordering information for these items to those registered. *


Uniforms need to be returned at the end of each season. 

Families are responsible for replacing uniforms costing approximately $350 if lost, not returned or damaged (torn, bleached, altered without permission)

                                     Registration Paperwork Requirements


Once registered, the online registration system allows you to print all required forms from the HOME page.  Please be sure to download and print the following:


Please make sure you upload your child’s picture BEFORE printing paperwork. Photo must be recent, good quality and of your child alone.

If your child has cheered before, please try to use a picture of her in uniform.




To print forms:

Log into the SYFC site, find your child’s name and click the box labeled “Print Forms”

After uploading a photo of your child, click on and print all!


*Resume Participation Medical Clearance

*Official AYF Player Pack

*Absentee Form - SIGN BUT DO NOT DATE

*New this year: 2022 SYFC waiver




PLEASE PRINT, SIGN and HAVE YOUR DOCTOR STAMP all forms as needed - listed below. 


    1    Participation, Tracking, and ID Forms -  signed/initialed by Parent and Player


    2    New this year: 2022 SYFC waiver


    3    2018 AYF Code of Conduct Form -  signed/initialed by Parent and Player


    4    Waiver and Release of Liability -  signed/initialed by Parent and Player


    5    Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) / Concussion Annual Statement and Acknowledgement Form -  signed/initialed by Parent and Player


    6    Medical Clearance Form  - filled out and signed by your pediatrician. (Note: a copy of your child’s most recent    physical should be valid this year. Needs to be dated 2022)


    7    Emergency Medical Treatment, Consent and Information – filled out and signed by parent


    8    Image Release – MINOR – signed by parent


    9    Copy of Birth Certificate – (New Players Only!)


    10    Copy of most recent report card (If your child is entering K, please provide an end of year progress report from preschool)


    11 Absentee Form - Signed BUT DO NOT DATE!!



Contact our Cheer Director: Meghan Seaberg (