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 2021 Sudbury Youth Cheerleading


Welcome back to Sudbury Youth Cheer!!! We are back in action for 2021 and cannot wait to get back on the mat and on sidelines!!



The Sudbury Youth Cheer program is designed to inspire youth through teaching dedication, teamwork, friendship, leadership and good sportsmanship. We hope to develop in your child a feeling of accomplishment and success in a fun-filled atmosphere. Your cheer coaches strive to make cheerleading a FUN learning experience with lessons that follow them far beyond the spirit of cheering. 



February 1, 2021 - April 1, 2020

*$50.00 Late Fee will apply after April 1st

*If squads are full on April 1st,  your child will be placed on a waitlist.


*Registrations will not be accepted after April 15th*


Competitive Cheer: $250/athlete

(some additional costs - see below for camp & uniform requirements)

Sideline Cheer: (Kindergarten and first graders only$200/athlete, no additional cost.


*We accept all levels! As we prepare for competition, practice intensity increases. If a cheerleader has other obligations and cannot make practice on a regular basis, we can discuss the option of sideline-only for older cheerleaders. 



Cheer preseason begins in late  August . Squad start times may vary. We will practice 4 or 5 days to get the girls game day ready. These practices are mandatory (especially for new cheerleaders), will take place outside @ LSRHS and be dependent on the weather. 


Regular Season: Once school is in session, practices will move inside the school and the focus will turn to competition routines. We plan to use the Lincoln Sudbury High School cheer gym. Squads practice twice/week.  *K-1 squad will practice only once/week* 


The season has potential to run into the second week of December, if our squads advance to that point. 8U will not go past Locals in October and 10U will likely stop after States in November. 12U and older will advance as far as they can. 


Extra practices will be held for competing teams, when necessary. All practices leading up to competition are mandatory!


2021 practice days/times still TBD 

With much still up in the air, we cannot secure practice space and times until later than usual. I apologize, as I realize it can be tricky to sign up for the unknown. We will do our best to figure the schedule out as soon as we are able. Below is very much tentative!

Regular season practices are tentatively scheduled, and subject to change on weeks with school holidays. 

Squad formations were based on 2020 registration and are subject to change.

Tiny Mites

(Grades K & 1 - Sideline Only) 

TBD - (Wednesday 5:30-6:30)


Mighty Mites

(Grades 2-4)

TBD- (Tuesday & Thursday 5:00 - 6:30)


Junior Warriors

(Grade 5)

TBD- (Tuesday & Thursday 6:00- 8:00)


Warrior Squad

(Grades 6-8)

TBD- (Monday/Wednesday 6:30-8:30)



All squads will cheer for games on Sundays beginning on or after Labor Day weekend. Game times vary each week. We aim to cheer for mostly home games, but will also travel. Our goal is to provide game times and locations by Wednesday night each week. 


Younger squads typically cheer for SYFC flag football teams (grades 1-5, games lasting 1 hour), while our older squads cheer for the tackle teams (grades 6-8).


IMPORTANT DATES - Still TBD for 2021


EMASS INVITATIONAL (Fun Comp.) - IF we are ready (we are usually not 😉)  Early October


PEP RALLY - @LSRHS on Thursday the week of Locals


EMASS LOCAL COMPETITION - Location TBD - mid-to-late October


STATE COMPETITION (if we place in the top 3 @ Locals) - Early November


NEW ENGLAND REGIONAL COMPETITION  (if we place top 3 @ States) -  Usually the week before Thanksgiving  (2 day format - youngest squads usually go day #1)


NATIONALS - TBD (Orlando Florida)


*DECISIONS HAVE NOT YET BEEN MADE REGARDING NATIONAL TRACK - 12U & 14U will most likely be on the NT for 2021. 8U will never advance past Locals and 10U will likely stop at States. 




Cheerleaders should practice in comfortable, form fitting gym clothes. Practice outfit preferable; if unavailable, wear fitted navy/dark shorts and red fitted top. 

Hair should be pulled back in a tight pony tail (PLEASE do their hair before practice!)

No jewelry. (This goes for tumblers, bases and flyers - EVERYONE)

For safety reasons, all girls are required to wear cheer sneakers.



Your child will be given a skirt, shell, bodysuit and bow. Children may keep the bow, but the rest of the uniform is on loan from SYFC and should be treated as such.


Addition Required Items/Expenses

*Gear list still TBD for 2021 - This is an idea of what your child will need*


3 day Cheer Camp (for 14U and 12U squads) - $150 (or $50/day if you can’t make all 3) *THIS IS STILL TBD for 2021 - we might not do camp this year*


White Cheer Sneakers 

LS Game Day Cheer Socks 

Practice Tank & shorts

Red Bloomers 

Game Bow (If lost from previous year - new girls receive a free bow) - $15


*There will be lots of optional inclement weather gear, as well as other LS cheer swag for parents and athletes, available for purchase in our online team stores. 

We will provide ordering information for these items, to those registered, around April 15th. The squad needs to look uniform, so there will be specific shoes/items to purchase. 


Uniforms need to be returned at the end of each season. 

Families are responsible for replacing uniforms costing approximately $350 if lost, not returned or damaged (torn, bleached, altered without permission)



Contact our Cheer Coordinator: Meghan Seaberg (