High School Scholarship Application

Updated Thursday March 28, 2019 by George Mullin.

Sudbury Youth Football and Cheer will be accepting applications for the 2019 Senior Scholarship program until April 5, 2019.

We moved to our own, but similar process of accepting scholarship applications for graduating seniors from Lincoln-Sudbury High School.  Applicant must be a graduating senior who have either played or volunteered for Sudbury Youth Football and Cheer and any Boston youth who participated in their city Pop Warner or AYF program. They need to have continued in football or cheer during HS as a player or assistant in some way with a team and should be in good academic standing.

The application process for graduating seniors is as follows:

Fill out a cover sheet attached, both the applicant and parent/guardian must sign as well verifying the information submitted is truthful.

Each student must submit the letter of recommendation from their school counselor or coach, if you attend LSRHS submit the school form, if not please use your schools form. Be sure it includes a counselor / coach statement of your personal attributes and accomplishments, academic profile and relevant comments. This must be on school letter head and signed with a number to contact them.


Seniors must submit a typed essay answering all of the following questions:

I.Why should you be considered for this scholarship, include the school you will be attending


II.The years played and or volunteered for youth football and cheer; describe your experience


III.How have you been of service to your high school, include volunteer opportunities your participation in school activities, committees, and sports


IV.How have you been a part of services to the community, (include religious activities, community events) and years involved. Include work experiences and places you have worked, and time frames.


V.Lastly add any information pertaining to your personal family and the need of financial help to attend collage


VI.You must sign your essay and include a phone number to be reached at.


*Seniors must submit a copy of their current report card**

**All forms are required to be considered, if all documents are not submitted you will not be a part of the review process.

***All application forms can be emailed to Deanna Bisson at deannabisson@hotmail.com   or sent to, Deanna Bisson 52 Basswood Ave.Sudbury, MA. 01776, It must be post marked April 5, 2019 or prior to be accepted. Or given to Mrs. Zingale on or before April 5, 2019


Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application for Sudbury Youth Football and Cheer face sheet 2015.docx