Covid-19 Guidelines

UpdatedThursday July 16, 2020 byGeorge Mullin.

Sudbury Youth Football & Cheer – Return to Play COVID-19 Requirements General Guidelines


These General Guidelines are set forth by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (Workplace Safety and Reopening Standards for Businesses and Other Entities Providing Outdoor Adult Sports, Supervised Youth Sports Leagues, Summer Sports Camps - Phase III) ("Phase III Opening") as well as American Youth Football Return to Play guidelines. Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our players, families and community is a shared responsibility between Sudbury Youth Football & Cheer, Volunteer Coaches, Players, Families and broader community. As we move from Phase III Level 1 to Phase III Level II additional protocols may be added or removed based upon guidance from the Commonwealth and Town of Sudbury. We will update the following as appropriate. These are a shared responsibility in our community, our league, our coaches, our players, our families and the broader Lincoln/Sudbury Community. 


Please read these in detail and share them with your player. 


Legal / Regulatory Requirements, Social Distancing, & Hygiene

  1. These procedures will be provided to the Sudbury Department of Public Health and the Sudbury Park and Recreation Commission.
  2. Obtain signed waivers from each family arriving at Lincoln Sudbury High School or any other athletics fields in town at the first practice accompanied by a reference of where to obtain our COVID-19 policies and procedures understanding the risks associated with playing in a COVID-19 environment. If no waiver is signed, no player can play.
  3. Post appropriate signage around all fields as required
  4. Establish a formal safety coach that will be the point of contact for the league and families to address any COVID-19 related matters. All coaches are REQUIRED to attend training on these procedures and specific requirements regarding social distancing and hygiene protocols
  5. Post these rules and any updates to the Sudbury Youth Football and Cheer website to provide transparency to families and the community as to what to expect in a COVID-19 environment
  6. All players must arrive and leave their cars fully dressed to practice. There will be no changing on the field.
  7. No bags on the field. All bags must remain in the car they came in and water bottles must always stay with players with their name clearly marked on the bottle.
  8. All players must go directly to the field when they arrive. Congregating in the parking lot or anywhere around the field will not be allowed.
  9. No more than 25 players or participants can be on a single playing surface/area/court at any one time. Coaches will not rotate between groups and will stay with the same group throughout practice.  To ensure group separation, groups will be spaced at least 20 feet apart while sharing a single playing surface, court or field.
  10. All practices will be limited exclusively to non-contract drills and will not engage in any scrimmages or games until approved by the Governor and the EEA issues guidance.
  11. Players will maintain 6 feet apart while waiting in any drill lines.
  12. We ask that parents provide hand sanitizer for use before and after practice. We will also supply hand sanitizer. No spitting on the fields will be permitted.
  13. All coaches are REQUIRED to wear a cloth face covering during practices. Face coverings and social distancing of six feet is required when participants are not actively engaged in an activity (e.g., on bench, huddles, breaks, locker rooms, pre/post practice). Participants may opt to wear a cloth face covering on the sidelines and during play if feasible.
  14. Spectators must maintain distance of at least 6 feet between spectators’ groups. Operators will be encouraged to mark off spectator/chaperone viewing sites to allow for social distancing. Spectators will be encouraged to wear masks.
  15. Team sizes will adhere to state regulations with player to coach ratio and proper spacing between teams
  16. Sportsmanship will continue in a touchless manner – no handshakes/slaps/fist bumps/team celebrations.
  17. Game / Practice Times will vary - Please allot an additional 15 minutes for each drop-off and pick-up 
  18.  Any equipment used / touched during games and practices will be sprayed down / disinfected after each practice or game (balls, cones, etc.)
  19. Any player, or person not feeling well, will not attend games or practices. Coaches are responsible for asking players upon arrival how they feel. Parents are responsible for checking with your player before leaving home how they are feeling. If your player does not feel well, regardless if they are positive for COVID-19, they MUST stay at home.