The Dual County/Tri-Valley Youth Football Conference has a new name!!!

Eastern Massachusetts American Youth Football and Cheer

UpdatedSaturday June 8, 2019 byGeorge Mullin.

Sudbury Youth Football and Cheer is happy to announce 10 Hocomock teams have combined with what was the Dual County/Tri-Valley league to create a brand new power league to be renamed EASTERN MASS AMERICAN YOUTH FOOTBALL AND CHEER!!

Over the winter the Dual County/Tri Valley League approved the Hockmock League to join our conference.  With that we had to change the name of our conference to fit the new towns and any future Towns that may join.  We now have a total of 20 Towns in our program with a few more expected to join.  The Hockmock Teams that have joined are Attleboro, North Attleboro, Mansfield, King Philip, Foxboro, Stoughton, Canton, Easton, Milford and Franklin.  This move makes us the 2nd largest AYFC conference in Massachusetts.  The intent of allowing the Hockomock towns to join our conference was to help fill the gaps in our schedules.  We will still prioritize our schedule to play all the other Dual Conty/Tri-Valley teams that have a program in our grades and then fill in the gaps with Hockomock teams so we don't end up playing the same team 2 or 3 times in one season.  These are great Towns with great football and cheer programs and will elevate the level of our competition.

As we continue to grow our flag football, tackle football and cheer programs in Sudbury, we believe this new partnership will help ensure long term viability to all involved.