2022 SYFC Youth Program Scholarship


UpdatedWednesday April 13, 2022 byGeorge Mullin.


Sudbury Youth Football & Cheer (SYFC) may grant registration fee scholarships to children who without this financial assistance would not be able to participate in our program. The Sudbury Youth Football & Cheer Scholarship Program focuses on providing opportunities for area youth to participate because of the physical, mental, and character-training benefits this program can provide. Scholarships are only available to cover the cost of registration and are not available to cover any additional costs (uniforms, equipment, tournaments, etc.) unless the registration fee includes uniforms and/or equipment.

The scholarship committee, which includes the SYFC Board, will consider all complete applications received by the application deadline. The amount of the scholarship awarded (if any) may be a partial or full scholarship depending on the number of applicants, and amount of scholarship funds available. Scholarships are awarded for one per registrant and are only valued for one sport at a time, therefore, individuals must reapply for each year they are requesting assistance. 

SYFC is a non-profit organization with a very limited amount of funding available for scholarship athletes. No guarantee of assistance is implied in this application. 

Requirements for eligibility:

  • Athlete must be age 14 or younger and must reside within the Sudbury School District.
  • Commitment to attend a minimum of 80% of scheduled practices and games.
  • Participation by an adult family member in at least 8 hours of voluntary service to SYFC during the sport season. Volunteer work will be under the direction of the SYFC volunteer coordinator.
  • Application must be completed by a parent, guardian, or head of household, with all requested information provided. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Scholarship requests must be submitted to SYFC no later than two (2) weeks prior to the regular registration deadline.

Application Process:

  • Complete the Youth Athletic Scholarship Application Form, which must be signed by a parent/guardian and submitted by email: lswarrioryfc@gmail.com or providing the paperwork to an active board member.
  • The SYFC Board will contact you in writing one week prior to regular registration end date.
  • Scholarship application approval will be based on verification of financial need and availability of scholarship funds.

Other Important Information:

  • Scholarships will be provided on a first-come, funding and space available basis.
  • Transportation to programs is not provided.
  • Scholarships are limited to a total of $250 per year per child for Flag & Cheer - Tackle $200.
  • The Board’s decision should be considered final.

Sudbury Youth Football and Cheer does not discriminate based on gender, race, class, economic status, ethnic background, sexual orientation, physical ability, or cultural and religious backgrounds.

Confidentiality: Sudbury Youth Football & Cheer will use the information on the application only to decide if your child qualifies to receive a partial or full scholarship for eligible athletic activities.  Confidentiality will always be maintained.  Applicants are guaranteed that personal finances will not be discussed outside of the SYFC Board. Coaches, instructors or program leaders will not be informed of a participant’s financial or scholarship status. 

***Please note: Approval of a scholarship does not register the participant in the activity. You must still register the athlete in the sport desired. 

2022 SYFC Scholarship Application - 4-1-22.pdf